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The importance of schools

Students of no matter which level represent the main interlocutor of the Codirosso since its birth almost 20 years ago. The museum aims to engage the younger public in a fundamental reflection on the democratic and civic values of our society.

School trip - Cecchi Institute, Pesaro
April 27, 2022 

The Codirosso hosted 8 teachers and 80 fourth year students of the Technical Institute of Agriculture of Pesaro . Conveniently divided into brigades and detachments (to recall the hierarchy of the partisan nuclei), the groups were involved in a journey spread over the entire territory of Rossana. The Municipal Administration and the local realities of Cresco and Euphytos were also present on that day.

Structured educational visits 

One of the museum's priorities is to offer structured educational visits:  in fact, it is possible to adapt the visit itinerary based on the number and educational path of the students, in order to guarantee them an experience that is as engaging and interesting as possible.

Social day
October 16, 2022 

ANPI of Villastellone and friends visiting the Codirosso Ecomuseum

Groups and organized trips 

In addition to classes, small, medium and large groups of visitors or tourists are also welcome.
For reasons of capacity, we organize entrances of up to 10 people at a time.

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