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Greenpass at the Resistance Museum

Individual freedom and collective health protection. It is time to think that this may be the first meaning of the green pass: not a limit but, on the contrary, an opportunity for proper social life . In the face of the new ministerial provisions, having to further regulate the modalities of access to the Museum, the members of the Board of our Ecomuseum Association of Resistance "Il Codirosso" confront each other on the subject, intending to proceed according to the norm and according to common sense.

Mode of entry

Our museum does not foresee large numbers of visitors, but small groups of visitors, often families or circles of admiring friends. Starting from August 6, 2021 , the basic procedures that have up to now governed entry will remain the same:


  before entering it is necessary to sanitize your hands using the gel placed at the entrance;

groups of relatives or friends will enter in different rounds of visits, except if they can all show valid certification that allows contemporaneity;

the correct use of the mask and social distancing must be respected for the entire duration of the visit.

The verification of the validity of the certification presented will be carried out by the guide staff at the Museum, with the reading of the QRcode through an application dedicated to the specific purpose.

Sure of your collaboration, we are waiting for you at the Museum in safety!

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