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The memory

The museum exhibition opens to the public with the following purposes :

  • Promote and enhance the historical and cultural heritage of anti-fascism and Resistance;

  • Witness the values of freedom, democracy, social justice, solidarity and peace, which inspired the Resistance and which are the founding values of the Constitutional Order of the Italian Republic;

  • Through a documentary and archival heritage, reconstruct the history of the events that occurred in the Varaita Valley in the period from 1943 to 1945, with particular reference to the territory of Rossana;

  • Keeping the memory alive, proposing to become a reference point for the collection and safeguarding of documentary sources on the historical period of the Resistance, in the memory of its protagonists;

  • Promote historical research, along with cultural and educational activities to deepen the knowledge of contemporary society, while maintaining the involvement of school groups, organized groups and individual visitors;

  • Contribute to soliciting the participation of citizens and young generations, so that they can become protagonists of the civil and social progress of a country, inspired by the principles and values of the Resistance.

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