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The Wednesdays of the Codirosso

"I Wednesday of the Codirosso" is a review  literary  organized  on the occasion of the "Maggio dei Libri", an initiative promoted by the Center for Books and Reading and the Ministry of Culture.

Each encounter sees  the presentation  of a  book dedicated to the Resistance and the mountain territory of the Varaita Valley.

The review is organized  from the Ecomuseo della Resistenza "Il Codirosso in collaboration with the Municipality of Rossana and is supported by the Pro Loco di Rossana, the Unione Montana valle Varaita and the AIB Rossana.

"Love ..
familiar "

Wednesday 12 May

The author Cinzia Dutto presents the book "The diary of Mary"

"Love ..
for freedom "

Wednesday 26 May

Professor Livio Berardo analyzes the work of Riccardo Assom

"Love ..
for the territory

Wednesday 9 June

The Varaita Valley presented by Gian Vittorio Avondo

"Love ..
for sport "

Wednesday 16 June

Meeting with the Dematteis brothers, record athletes. Presentation of the book edited by Laura Avalle.

"Love ..
in truth"

Sunday 20 June

Professor Chiara Colombini presents her latest book "Even the partisans but ..."

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